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Book Review: A Town Called Fury: Redemption

This is a western story written by William W. Johnstone with the able assistance of J.A. Johnstone there fourth book together . This tale is about a town and the marshal who helped forge and protect it even though he is young.  He is able to help claim this piece of ground and wrestle it […]

Book Review: Deadwood Gulch

This is a new story involving two characters that have been previously written about in a book called “Sidewinders”. The two characters are Scratch Morton and Bo Creel, they are drifting across the western landscape getting into various adventures risking their lives on many occasions.  William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone collaborated on this western […]

Book Review: Massacre of Eagles

This is unusual but I have here a western story that disappointed me. The story has three man characters Falcon MacCallister, Buffalo Bill Cody and Means to His Horses a Cheyenne Chief. Being such a fan of all western writings I am struggling with the reason why this story failed to win me over. The […]

Book Review: Sidewinders

This is a western story that highlights two seasoned partners who have gotten into trouble together many times. William W. Johnstone kicks off a new series of stories and is assisted by the writing of J. A. Johnstone. Scratch Morton and Bo Creel are two likable western characters who get involved in the survival of […]