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Movie Review: Hell Town

The movie is a Zane Grey story formerly “Born to the West”, staring John Wayne. This movie had a confusing beginning for me. Heading for Wyoming Dare, played by John Wayne, and his side kick, Dink, are involved in a cattle rustling.   They pick the wrong side which is the rustlers side and they […]

Movie Review: The Proud Rebel

The movie was just a vehicle to complete a number of picture deals for Alan Ladd. This did not influence my look at the movie and I am glad that I did because it was a good western. The story begins after the Civil War and when John Chandler returns home to Atlanta his wife […]

Movie Review: The Shadow Riders

This is a Louis L’Amour story of two brothers immediately after the Civil War. Each of the two older Traven brothers fought on opposite sides but are now heading home. The oldest one Daly played by Sam Elliot, fought for the Confederacy and was caught up in two separate events that almost took his life. […]

Book Review: The Leather Slappers

Book Review: The Leather Slapper  One story out of three. This is a western short story in a trio of stories from the book Rainbow Rider by Wayne D. Overholster. This story is about a gunman who is working for a large land company working out of northern New Mexico and it moves to press […]

Movie Review: Far and Away

I classified this movie as a western. The story began in Ireland and ended up on the rolling plains of Oklahoma. This is a love story with a truly American twist in that the lowly commoner wins the love of the gentry of the old country. Joseph Donnelly played by Tom Cruise holds his father […]

Book Review: Soldiers Farewell

This western story is written by Johnny D. Boggs who has won a spur award for one of his western stories. This story was interesting but I had a hard time getting involved while reading it. The style that it was written, made it hard to get into the flow of the story. The author […]

Book Review: Table Rock

This western story written by Les Savage Jr. was written in the late fifties and was at the time considered to far from the accepted model of western books. The Author died and his agent felt that it should not be published in the form I read it in. The agent supplied a rough draft […]

Book Review: The Hart Brand

This western story is written by Johnny D. Boggs a spur award – winning author. The story is set in the New Mexico Territory beginning in the fourteenth year of young Caleb Hart. He would be sent by his parents over twelve hundred miles to work for his uncle, Captain Frank Hart, on his ranch. […]

Book Review: Bitter Wind

This western by spur award winning author Wayne D. Overholser tells a story of the lives of two men who were put together through strange happenings but then fell apart with the search for there own dreams. This story highlights the thought that we sometimes do not really want what we are vigorously chasing. The […]

Book Review: Hard Luck

Book Review: Hard Luck This story written by Frederic Bean is a western tale about a cowboy who is down on his luck as he pushes through to El Paso. Dan Willis has heard that there are high-paying cowboy job in the New Mexico Territory. Arriving in Texas he is broke and near starvation. Talking […]