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Book Review: Phantoms in the Night

This is an early California story when the conflict of who would sway influence over this western land was all over everyone’s minds. The main character, John Hayward, is spirited ashore in the dark of night. He is in search of Roger Bardine the U.S. consul who has vanished and foul play is suspected. Hayward’s […]

Book Review: Back With a Vengeance

This is a western story that covers the movement of women into the west to be wives of family men who have lost their wives and they need new mothers for their children and the lovers for these lonely western men. The story begins with a bank robbery in Colfax, Colorado executed by five ruthless […]

Book Review: Ride

This western story written by Graig Mantle created in me an inability to complete this story. I was able to get through two thirds of the tale before I threw up my hands and said, “I just can’t see wasting any more of my time in reading this story.” I felt the author had no […]

Book Review: Return of the Spirit Rider

This western story by Cotton Smith tells the reader about a man that would lead two separate lives. Vin Lockhart this western character is raised by a Sioux medicine man and was taught the ways of a medicine man as he grew to a man. He took the teachings to heart and lived the ways […]

Book Review: Death Rides A Red Horse

This is a western tale about how one Texas family struggled to preserve their way of life through many trials and tribulations. They became one of the largest and best cattle ranches, even after the designated center of the family Ethan Kerry goes blind. His wife Claire calls on the younger brother Cole, who has […]

Book Review: Dead Man’s Crossing

This is my second western story that I read off my Kindle. The electronic device really allows me to drive through the story and get involved. I will enjoy many more westerns than I previously have enjoyed. This author Robert Broomall tells a tale about a man cast into the dynamics of leading a small […]

Book Review: Ghosts of Timber Wolf

This western by V.S. Meszaros was not one that I could get into. I guess I am easily confused because I lost all direction and desire to finish reading the book. The first part of the western gained my interest and kept me going but when it got into the area of spirits and ghosts […]

Book Review The Time Has Not Yet Come

A new author for me, Michael Dearmin, generates this western tale with expert vision. His use of the right words and the visible action generates a plot into a believable story revolving around equally important multiple characters. Matthew Stoker a Harvard graduate is the reluctant gunfighter who’s history proceeds him like a cloud. Being a […]

Book Review: El Paso

This western story is centered in the Texas border town of El Paso with the main character Dallas Stoudenmire who was a newly married man and looking for a permanent type of job as a town tamer. His background goes back to the Civil War where he learned this trade and developed the techniques he […]

Book Review: The Wild Ones

This western story with the main character being a woman, Lillian Fontaine, is unusual and really draws on the confusion of the westerns I know. I have been exposed to many unusual western stories, but my understanding of westerns was definitely challenged by this tale. I know that women were an important and major turning […]