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Book Review: The Judas Gun

This western is a story about a towns population that highlights how greed and fear can change everything. A jury in this town had convicted a man and sent him to prison for his crimes. As he was being drug away from the trial he loudly swore that he would return and kill everyone who […]

Book Review: The Violent Land

This western story written by Wayne D. Overholser is unique in its ability to tell a story about a young man. This man who didn’t like his father and felt that he was the reason things had never gone well for his mother brings out the divisions and conflicts between them. Strange as it seems […]

Book Review: Twelve Hours Till Noon

This western story is set in Amity, Colorado where almost everyone in town is opposed to the governor, Benjamin Wyattt. He is now coming to town to speak and try and garner a few votes and voice his support in favor of the proposed dam. An assassination plot is in the wind hatched from Denver […]

Book Review: Sunset Trail

This is a short western story written by Wayne D. Overholster a spur award, winning, author. The story is packed with action and Bruce Shane as the main character is on a secret and dangerous mission. He charges head first into it and is almost buried by his adversaries. The kettle is steaming just waiting […]

Book Review: Hearn’s Valley

The Author Wayne D. Overholser has written several western stories that I have enjoyed and submersed my self into. This story is about how a young man felt that his inheritance was stolen but he was too young and inexperienced to get it so he left. Time passes and the two sworn enemy’s are brought […]

Book Review: The Bitter Night

This western story revolves around one night at a stage stop where supper is served. The owner is Susan Girard and Glen Logan a business owner in Gold City visits her for their weekly date. Glen has repeatedly ask Susan to marry him but she has continually put him off because she did not want […]

Book Review: The Fence

This is a western story written about that big ranching family that has had the power and respect it always wanted but a chink in the armor results in a disappearance of these things and the death of the patriarch and his son.  Everything is thrown up in the air. The sheriff has to find […]

Book Review: Rainbow Rider

This is a short story written by Wayne D. Overholser about a small town marshal who had tamed his town but wouldn’t leave because he had fallen in love with the banker’s daughter. He wanted to marry her and prove that he wasn’t a Rainbow Rider.  The pressure her aunt was placing on her and […]

Book Review: The Leather Slappers

Book Review: The Leather Slapper  One story out of three. This is a western short story in a trio of stories from the book Rainbow Rider by Wayne D. Overholster. This story is about a gunman who is working for a large land company working out of northern New Mexico and it moves to press […]