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Book Review: The Gold Trail

This western tale is the last of the stories in a trio book written by Max Brand under the title The Gold Trail. This story features one of Max Brands most popular character Reata. He is being sought by the law and chased by three outlaws who want the gold he has recovered so that […]

Book Review: Phil, the Fiddler

This is a western tale that portraits the Rival family tragedy. This dramatic story revolves around the stepson, Joshua, of Henry Rival and his cousin, Phil, the Fiddler who was a fearless truth teller in the twenty-eighth year of his life. Trouble really begins once Joshua proposes to Hilda Surrey. Joshua is angered, by the […]

Book Review: Without a Penny in the World

This is a short western story written my Max Brand about a young westerner who initially felt that he would plot his way in life by using the availability of money. The main character Steve Borrow was always on the look out for a bargain because he knew that that money saved would come back […]

Book Review: The Geraldi Trail

This story is the tale of James Geraldi who is portrayed as a master thief who took his money from the thieves who stole from the unwitting and defenseless in the community. The story begins with Geraldi helping a past criminal friend escape from the law when he is accused of a murder he didn’t […]

Book Review: The Trail up Old Arrowhead

Book Review: The Trail up Old Arrowhead This story is a conclusion to an installment story of two parts that appeared in Five Stat Westerns. The story is about a gentle giant who sees deeply into the human soul. Bull Hunter is this man and he becomes romantically intertwined with a ranch owner’s daughter who […]

Book Review: The Finding of Jeremey

The book is a short western story written by Frederick Faust under the name of Max Brand. This story is about an eastern young man who is challenged by a woman to grow some backbone. She told him he could get this backbone by going west and being more like the men in the west […]

Book Review: Werewolf

Yes this is a western story written by Max Brand from the trio collection book Men Beyond the Law. The main character of this story Christopher Royal is not beyond the law but the youngest brother of four. He is afraid that he is a coward because he does not want to fight or kill. […]