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Book Review: The Gold Trail

This western tale is the last of the stories in a trio book written by Max Brand under the title The Gold Trail. This story features one of Max Brands most popular character Reata. He is being sought by the law and chased by three outlaws who want the gold he has recovered so that […]

Book Review: The Geraldi Trail

This story is the tale of James Geraldi who is portrayed as a master thief who took his money from the thieves who stole from the unwitting and defenseless in the community. The story begins with Geraldi helping a past criminal friend escape from the law when he is accused of a murder he didn’t […]

Book Review: Sky Blue

This western story by Max Brand is a tale about how a young man who reached his maturity with the help of a horse that no one, but him could ride. Prior to the introduction of the horse the main character was a worthless lazy whisky-drinking lout. He slept till midday doing little or no […]