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Book Review: Massacre at Goliad

This is a western story generated by a true Texan Elmer Kelton. He gives the reader a personal overview of the Texas landscape that involved various people who moved to the freedom that Texas offered.The main character Josh Buckalew was a true Texan and he was in love, but war with Mexico in the beginning […]

Book Review: Texas Rifles

This western story is set on the the Texas frontier during the Civil War. The main character Sam Houston Cloud is sleeping in his saddle and almost rides into a heard of stolen horses which is being herded by one warrior and six squaws. This is just part of the Comanche raiding party that is stealing horses and killing homesteaders on the Texas frontier. […]

Book Review: Hard Trail to Follow

This western story of the West Texas Frontier after the War Between the States tells the tale of a man who couldn’t stand the life of a farmer and is searching for his path in life. Working on the farm would have been tolerable to gain his future wife but his future brother-in-law drove him […]

Book Review: The Buckskin Line

This western novel written by Elmer Kelton highlights his skill as a writer who knows the west and specifically the history of Texas. He is able to use facts in his stories that helps a reader to become involved and curious about the history and times. He gives specific details about things that actually happened […]

Book Review: The Day the Cowboys Quit

This is an award-winning western written by Elmer Kelton. The shut down by the cowboys was a true event that actually happened in the Texas Panhandle in 1883. The strike by the cowboys was an event that happened and was precipitated by the events that preceded it. The cowboys were true and honest men who […]

Book Review: Badger Boy

Book Review: Badger Boy This is another western story written in the unshakable style of, Elmer Kelton. The story takes place on the Texas Frontier at the end of the War Between the States. David, Rusty, Shannon the main character is a strong member of the Texas Rangers who tried to keep the Indian raiders […]

Book Review: The Pumpkin Rollers

This western by Elmer Kelton is one that anyone who has ever dreamed about driving cattle to a trailhead up in Kansas should sink their teeth into. The main character is a cotton farmer turned want-a-be cattleman. As his trail begins he is cheated out of the cattle that he paid hard earned money for. […]

Book Review: Jericho’s Road

This western novel written by Elmer Kelton has the total package of a good western tale. The truth of stories shines through the words of good western authors. In this story we have a main character, ranger Any Pickard, who is not the fastest gun and not the bravest man but a man who wants […]

Book Review: The Raiders: Sons of Texas

This is the middle volume of trilogy about two brothers that went to Texas and survived during a time of conflict and strife in the Texas owned and controlled by Mexico. The Main characters are brothers. They are like two peas out of the same pod with very minor differences except for the major one […]