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Book Review: Texas Rifles

This western story is set on the the Texas frontier during the Civil War. The main character Sam Houston Cloud is sleeping in his saddle and almost rides into a heard of stolen horses which is being herded by one warrior and six squaws. This is just part of the Comanche raiding party that is stealing horses and killing homesteaders on the Texas frontier. […]

Book Review: Gun This Man Down

The central character of this western is Matt Hurst, the son of an accused rustler. He had left the area because he could not tolerate the things his family were doing. He returns to Granada during a bitter winter storm when he learns that they had been killed while rustling cattle. The scowls and fearful looks […]

Book Review: The White Cheyenne

This is a western story that has as a main character a half-breed who is prominent in the tribe of Black Kettle. His father a white man married Red Earth Woman a Cheyenne. Black Kettle’s village where Black Dog lived all most gets wiped out in a massacre carried out by the Colorado 100 day […]