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Sorry I have been so lax in reviewing western stories that I have read. Writing the reviews have been unknowingly difficult. This means I don’t have an answer for the stoppage or a good excuse. In my defense I have been trying to edit a western story that I have written. The voices in my […]

Book Review: Dead Man’s Crossing

This is my second western story that I read off my Kindle. The electronic device really allows me to drive through the story and get involved. I will enjoy many more westerns than I previously have enjoyed. This author Robert Broomall tells a tale about a man cast into the dynamics of leading a small […]

Book Review: The Last Outlaw

Cash McCall is worried that his life had only one direction. Now that he has spent time in prison and survived. No jobs seem to be open for this one time outlaw who has told the outlaw world he will go straight and the honest world that he is going straight within the boundaries of […]


My son got married and this post didn’t happen.

Book Review: Sidewinders

This is a western story that highlights two seasoned partners who have gotten into trouble together many times. William W. Johnstone kicks off a new series of stories and is assisted by the writing of J. A. Johnstone. Scratch Morton and Bo Creel are two likable western characters who get involved in the survival of […]

Book Review: The Sixth Shotgun

This is a short story in a collection written by Louis L’Amour that gave him ideas for new longer books. This story is about a murder and a man about to being hung for it. Leo Carver was tried and convicted of the murder and he yelled from his jail cell as they were building […]