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Movie Review: Lincoln

This was my second viewing of this movie about American history that gives the viewer an insight to a particular time in history that has shaped and molded our country through a troubled time. The Civil war was going on and Lincoln was in the struggle to change the constitution to make all men free. […]

Movie Review: True Grit

This movie is a remake of the John Wayne movie and they really out did the original production. I was amazed by the performance of Jeff Bridges that played a lawman who was getting old and sinking into the bottle of whiskey. The supporting cast was also outstanding in both believability and dramatization of the […]

Movie Review: Hondo

Here we have a special movie with the story line written by Louis L’Amour and the main character played by John Wayne. What is not to like about this movie. The beginning scene is Hondo Lane walking in from the desert with his saddlebags in one hand and his rifle in the other. How much […]

Movie Review: The Ballad of Cable Hogue

This movie opened up with the tough western man who was challenged to die or survive by his old one-time friends when water separated them. Their was water only for two and his partners teamed up against him and left him with nothing in the middle of the desert expecting him to die. In 1908 […]

Movie Review: My Darling Clementine

This is a movie directed by John Ford about a western ledgend that has some fact laced with myth. The first scene is a cattle drive and it pictures the initial characters getting ready to stop for the night and a lone buggy drive by Walter Brennan playing old man Clanton comes close and the […]

Movie Review: Seraphim Falls

This is a post Civil War movie that highlights two men and the hatred that is enacted by the actions of war that grow from the obsession of righting a wrong into the breeding ground for revenge. An ex-Confederate Colonel Carver played by, Liam Neeson, is chasing an ex-Union Captain Gideon played by, Pierce Brosnan, […]

Movie Review: Hell Town

The movie is a Zane Grey story formerly “Born to the West”, staring John Wayne. This movie had a confusing beginning for me. Heading for Wyoming Dare, played by John Wayne, and his side kick, Dink, are involved in a cattle rustling.   They pick the wrong side which is the rustlers side and they […]

Movie Review: The Proud Rebel

The movie was just a vehicle to complete a number of picture deals for Alan Ladd. This did not influence my look at the movie and I am glad that I did because it was a good western. The story begins after the Civil War and when John Chandler returns home to Atlanta his wife […]

Movie Review: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

This is an old classic western featuring John Wayne and James Stewart. The story begins at the small town of Shinbone and U.S. Senator played by James Stewart and his wife arrive in town to attend a funeral of a man who is going to be buried by the county because he is so poor […]

Movie Review: El Dorado

This movie is about two old friends one still an active gunfighter and the other a sheriff in El Dorado. They have competed in many things and still remained friendly. The gunfighter Cole Thornton, is played by John Wayne and the sheriff J.P. Harrah, is played by Robert Mitchum. The story develops in the town […]