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Sorry I have been so lax in reviewing western stories that I have read. Writing the reviews have been unknowingly difficult. This means I don’t have an answer for the stoppage or a good excuse. In my defense I have been trying to edit a western story that I have written. The voices in my […]

Book Review: Ride the Desperate Trail

This western is a tale about the people in Texas after the Civil War. The story is woven around the multiple racial issues involving blacks and Indians.These issues were faced in various ways by some, but they affected everyone. I enjoyed this story as it ran through the thrill of multiple chases and then being […]

Book Review: Massacre at Goliad

This is a western story generated by a true Texan Elmer Kelton. He gives the reader a personal overview of the Texas landscape that involved various people who moved to the freedom that Texas offered.The main character Josh Buckalew was a true Texan and he was in love, but war with Mexico in the beginning […]

Book Review: Texas Rifles

This western story is set on the the Texas frontier during the Civil War. The main character Sam Houston Cloud is sleeping in his saddle and almost rides into a heard of stolen horses which is being herded by one warrior and six squaws. This is just part of the Comanche raiding party that is stealing horses and killing homesteaders on the Texas frontier. […]

Book Review: The Judas Gun

This western is a story about a towns population that highlights how greed and fear can change everything. A jury in this town had convicted a man and sent him to prison for his crimes. As he was being drug away from the trial he loudly swore that he would return and kill everyone who […]

Book Review: The Violent Land

This western story written by Wayne D. Overholser is unique in its ability to tell a story about a young man. This man who didn’t like his father and felt that he was the reason things had never gone well for his mother brings out the divisions and conflicts between them. Strange as it seems […]

Book Review: Devil’s Kin

A horrific act of murder on the western frontier turns a mild mannered rancher into a vengeful hunter of men.He initially is searching for two murderers whose ranks grow by one. The main character is Jordan Gray, traveling fast with his head down, with out any real understanding of the types of men he is […]

Book Review: The Gold Trail

This western tale is the last of the stories in a trio book written by Max Brand under the title The Gold Trail. This story features one of Max Brands most popular character Reata. He is being sought by the law and chased by three outlaws who want the gold he has recovered so that […]

Book Review: Phil, the Fiddler

This is a western tale that portraits the Rival family tragedy. This dramatic story revolves around the stepson, Joshua, of Henry Rival and his cousin, Phil, the Fiddler who was a fearless truth teller in the twenty-eighth year of his life. Trouble really begins once Joshua proposes to Hilda Surrey. Joshua is angered, by the […]

Book Review: Without a Penny in the World

This is a short western story written my Max Brand about a young westerner who initially felt that he would plot his way in life by using the availability of money. The main character Steve Borrow was always on the look out for a bargain because he knew that that money saved would come back […]