Book Review: Massacre at Goliad

This is a western story generated by a true Texan Elmer Kelton. He gives the reader a personal overview of the Texas landscape that involved various people who moved to the freedom that Texas offered.The main character Josh Buckalew was a true Texan and he was in love, but war with Mexico in the beginning of the story was just around the corner. The Alamo was the disaster that had inflamed most Texans against all Mexicans. Friends were separated and the lines of hate were everywhere.

The scenes and emotions generated events viewed from the prospective of the war with Mexico. The main character which produced the visual backdrop to produce a mind boggling series of events that he would carry with him through out his lifetime. These events are written down with the portrait of how thing really were in this time in Texas history.

I recommend this story to all western readers and this author has all the skills and tools to make any story roll off the pages and into the minds of his readers.

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