Book Review: Texas Rifles

This western story is set on the the Texas frontier during the Civil War. The main character Sam Houston Cloud is sleeping in his saddle and almost rides into a heard of stolen horses which is being herded by one warrior and six squaws. This is just part of the Comanche raiding party that is stealing horses and killing homesteaders on the Texas frontier.

Cloud is young and eager to contribute to the mystique of the Texas Mounted Rifles who he is searching for. His letter of introduction in his pocket is to the hardened Indian fighter and Confederate Officer Captain Barcroft. He has been searching for this band of Indian fighters to join up with them, but here he runs into a raiding party with their stolen heard and fresh scalps. Cloud throws his single shot black powder rifle and his six shot black powder revolver into the fracas. God must have been looking out for this young and dumb boy because he pulls off the deception and the Indians hightail it away.

The Moseley family that lives on the frontier is saved this time and very thankful for his support.Many inside stories are generated by this author in this particular tale and they all weave a spell binding tale drawing the reader in and pushing him to absorb all of the potential happenings that went on as poor people pushed onto the western Texas frontier.

Elmer Kelton has placed this story in his own backyard of western Texas and he tells a story about people and events that could have really happened on the Texas frontier based on his knowledge and research.

I recommend this story to all western readers who need a reality western to help them better understand how things were at that time and in that place. Elmer Kelton left us in 2009 but he has fifty westerns out in the reader world just waiting for you to read, absorb and enjoy. He is a great story teller and I know you will enjoy his tales.

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