Book Review: The Judas Gun

This western is a story about a towns population that highlights how greed and fear can change everything. A jury in this town had convicted a man and sent him to prison for his crimes. As he was being drug away from the trial he loudly swore that he would return and kill everyone who was responsible for sending him to jail.
Fargo escaped from prison and writings began to appear on the walls of the town, he is coming and finally he is here. Everyone that even had a part in the trial and had held him in jail and issued the sentence were in fear of their lives.

The basic story is built around the fear generated by the threats of Fargo against the people in this town. This portion of the story continues to build around the fear and despair generated by the town people. What will happen to them? The town people that are totally gripped by their fear as some residents leave town.

The banker is an old greedy man that had probably been behind the charges brought against Fargo. He wanted his ranch. He had spitefully taken the opportunity to hire the girlfriend of Fargo for his domestic servant or you might call her his slave. The more things unfolded the deeper the web of deceit grows. The interweaving lives of the town peoples and their  emotions makes everything more complicated. The main character of this story is not Fargo, but Clint Harper the deputy of Sheriff Tom Ludlow.

As the story continues to unfold the greed portion of the story begins to take shape. The murder of the banker is done not by Fargo, but the person who felt like he should have had more in life.

I think that this is as far as I should go in explaining the story. I recommend this western to the readers of westerns and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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