Book Review: The Violent Land

This western story written by Wayne D. Overholser is unique in its ability to tell a story about a young man. This man who didn’t like his father and felt that he was the reason things had never gone well for his mother brings out the divisions and conflicts between them. Strange as it seems his mother still holds on to him and his different ways.

The main character Daniel Nathan attempts to get out from under the thumb of his father and chooses to work for the large rancher that all of the farmers or better known as nester’s hate for owning the land they are sitting on. This situation will stay the same until the court can prove who really is the owner of the land.

The story is further complicated¬†with the addition of a new bride for the owner of the land. He is small in stature, but his choice of a wife is a person of Daniels age with striking beauty and¬†intelligence. The truth of Daniel being hired is brought to question, in that he is well educated like the new bride. He is suppose to become the go between of husband and wife. As we all know that doesn’t work. The new wife doesn’t want to be second to the ranch and land her husband owns.

I recommend this story to the western readers that like the complexities of human interaction and drama.

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