Book Review: Devil’s Kin

A horrific act of murder on the western frontier turns a mild mannered rancher into a vengeful hunter of men.He initially is searching for two murderers whose ranks grow by one. The main character is Jordan Gray, traveling fast with his head down, with out any real understanding of the types of men he is chasing and the country he is chasing them through.

This trail of vengeance draws Jordan into a situation where a posse thinks he is a gang member that robbed their bank in Fort Smith, Arkansas and killed several town members. The town has no remorse and looking for a hanging. It is up to Jordan’s wits to lead him out of this prison. A chance meeting leads him to Perley Gates who teaches Jordan the ins and outs of tracking outlaws by the signs they leave in the dirt and those hidden actions that tells the tracker where his prey is heading.

I definitely liked this western story as it unfolded on the pages of this book to expose the problems and dangers involved on this trail of vengeance. Every read should be aware of the trials and tribulations generated in this trail of vengeance as the main character faced every day. He found out that you didn’t have to do wrong thing to be sweep up in the clutches of the law by being to close to the bad people he was chasing.

I definitely recommend this western tale to all readers of every one of the people who turn the pages of the books out in the market. This is a relatively new writer for me and I will definitely read the rest of his offerings and I have totally enjoyed his ability,to get me involve in his stories.

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