Book Review: Return of the Spirit Rider

This western story by Cotton Smith tells the reader about a man that would lead two separate lives. Vin Lockhart this western character is raised by a Sioux medicine man and was taught the ways of a medicine man as he grew to a man. He took the teachings to heart and lived the ways of a warrior as best he could. Being a true Sioux Indian warrior he took the test of the Sun Dance and got through it. He married an Indian wife and then avenged her death by killing her murders. Panther-Strikes, Vin’s, Sioux warrior name he suffered sever wounds in this epic battle, but survived. The multiple wounds that were delivered almost became fatal, but when he pulled through the Indian community viewed him as a spirit warrior that could not be killed. Vin felt that he could not and would not want to live up to this image. So he then moved to the world of his unknown white mother and white father with Crawfish Crawford who helps him grow in the white world where he truly belongs.

Many multiple characters in history are interspersed into the book to possibly increase the books truth factor. There were many dream sequences that were distracting to the story in my opinion. We have multiple stories within the main story, which is good if they can’t stand alone as a story of their own I agree with the author. The story could have been better in my mind; it just wasn’t the way I envisioned the story going. All my readers should view this book on their own ideas of what a western should be.

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