Book Review: Death Rides A Red Horse

This is a western tale about how one Texas family struggled to preserve their way of life through many trials and tribulations. They became one of the largest and best cattle ranches, even after the designated center of the family Ethan Kerry goes blind. His wife Claire calls on the younger brother Cole, who has been on the outlaw path, to come and help the ranch in its time of need. The back-story is where they took over the grazing land from a previous squatter who was trying to drive them out of the area. The older brother Luther has lost his wife and family and joins the team to help make the family unit even stronger. Cole had found his soul mate, Kathleen, and they are two young people who are visibly in love and they don’t seem to appear to want to be separated.

An outlaw gang leader, Victoria Gee, and his Kill Creek gang has spread fear and terror in all over the area especially in towns they perceived as their domain. The gang strikes the trade town where the Kerry clan is doing their shopping. This Saturday’s journey into town turns into a nightmare. The gang leader kidnaps Kathleen. Cole mounts up and rushes out of town with a Texas Ranger as his partner. Everything is not what it seems. There are many jumps and hurdles that the reader is pulled over to finally get to the end of the insightful story of tenacity, compassion and personal understandings of a family with all its parts.

I recommend this story which I read on my Kindle and I enjoyed the read even if I didn’t have the paperback to fold back in my hand exuding that smell only real books can give you. Any way you read it I am fairly sure you will enjoy it.

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