Book Review: Dead Man’s Crossing

This is my second western story that I read off my Kindle. The electronic device really allows me to drive through the story and get involved. I will enjoy many more westerns than I previously have enjoyed. This author Robert Broomall tells a tale about a man cast into the dynamics of leading a small group of western directed people based on their assumption that he is brave and will make the right decisions when confronted with adversity. The main character was encouraged to join the wagon train by a friend that only knows the outward successes he has had. The wagon train master and friend, of Jake Moran, was killed by Yellow Wolf a notorious Comanche war chief. Yellow Wolf is working on avenging the death of his son by the military. Jake Moran survives a confrontation with Yellow Wolf and stands off an over whelming number of Comanche braves with out firing a shot. The voting body of this small wagon train votes Jake into being wagon master. The main villain outside the Indians is Tyler Hampton a truly bad person that wants everything his own way like a spoiled child. He is not adverse to stepping on anyone that tries to confront him or shows any little bit of backbone toward a decision he might be in front of at a particular time. I hope you immediately recognize the two villains and our hero.

Cholera strikes. The wagon train has families die and the Indians continue to attack. The North Carolinian, Tyler Hampton, stays well and appears to accept Jake Moran as an equal. The story has many twists and turns as more bad than good things happens with the tale as it waves in the wind. As the story pushes on to the conclusion.

I recommend this western story as an interesting and intriguing quest of a new direction for westerns and could help generate new readers to experience the fictionalized events of post Civil War western expansion and populating the country.

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