Book Review: The White Cheyenne

This is a western story that has as a main character a half-breed who is prominent in the tribe of Black Kettle. His father a white man married Red Earth Woman a Cheyenne. Black Kettle’s village where Black Dog lived all most gets wiped out in a massacre carried out by the Colorado 100 day volunteers lead by Colonel Chivington. Black Dog the main character loses his first wife Bird Woman and his children are spirited away to be the main attractions in a freak display where they are held in cages in a drafty tent. He is mortally wounded in the near massacre and left for dead on the battlefield. His second wife who is the sister of his first wife finds him and tries to save his life but she has been hit in the head and travels back and forth in consciousness. His white father Charles Tremeau arrives at the massacre and begins to search for his son. He finds him laying in the mud and gore. Carrying him to safety he and his wife nurse him back along the trail to recovery.

Revenge is the center and focus of Black Dog’s life. When he is just barely on the road to recovery he leaves the village in white mans clothing to search for his two children. The trail is old but when you are displaying Indian children in cages the word travels far. He finds the place but the children are gone bought by the Colorado Territorial Government. The children were too weak and had lost their sprit to live and died before they could recover. Buried in a shallow grave along with another small Indian child they were forgotten baggage except to their father. He dug them up and reburied them by on the high plains.

The author Lewis B Patten used his skills in story telling to involved the reader in this bristly tale of revenge. I recommend this book to the readers of westerns who think they understand how revenge works.

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