Book Review: The Last Outlaw

Cash McCall is worried that his life had only one direction. Now that he has spent time in prison and survived. No jobs seem to be open for this one time outlaw who has told the outlaw world he will go straight and the honest world that he is going straight within the boundaries of the law. His past appears to be too hard to escape from, along with the people that he traveled this outlaw trail with.

His escape from this unacceptable life has been eliminated with his acceptance of his mothers declining health and her need to be taken care of. His need for money along with his brothers desire to be an outlaw continues to complicate his struggle to become a responsible citizen. He questions his ability and resolve to go the right way. His boyhood friend, Steve Reno pits Cash and his brother against each other. His outlaw buddy Steve gets Cash to help him in a large gold robbery. This robbery will trap him again and he could loose his life and become another outlaw in jail for the rest of his life.

A woman met by chance believes in Cash, but he had a hard time accepting that until there are no other resources to draw from. Being a fugitive further narrowed his options and everything magnifies it’s self, as Cash makes a final decisions to change his outlaw path forever and become the law abiding citizen that he always wanted to be. The price will be paid and the good woman turns out to be a great love of his life and rescues him from the outlaw path.

I recommend this western book to all the readers that know that life is really tough and not always fair. Stone Wallace is a new author for me and I will be reading more of his books because I like the way he tells a story. This is a story that will draw the reader into western life and how it was on the wrong side of the tracks when someone struggled to change his life.

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  1. Stone Wallace
    Posted August 8, 2012 at 8:13 pm | Permalink

    Hi Jay –

    Just read your wonderful review of my Western “The Last Outlaw” and want to thank you for your kind and generous comments. Much appreciated, amigo!

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