Book Review: Sunset Trail

This is a short western story written by Wayne D. Overholster a spur award, winning, author. The story is packed with action and Bruce Shane as the main character is on a secret and dangerous mission. He charges head first into it and is almost buried by his adversaries. The kettle is steaming just waiting to boil over between the United States and Mexico. The federal agent Shane is cast into the middle of this caldron and has to find a shipment of rifles and ammunition with the destination being Mexico or the Comanches. Both of these western opponents could possibly change the vision held by the government for this territory. There seems to be a leak in the secrecy of this mission and Bruce Shane has all manner of troubles befall him. Attempted assassination to being accused of committing a murder, but he perseveres.

Love is thrown at the reader as a hidden afterthought. It seemed to me to be unbelievable but I didn’t grow up in that time. The reader should judge for him or her self as to the possibility or feasibility of this portion of the story.

I recommend this short story as a good short read with enough action to keep you turning the pages until you finish.

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