Book Review: The Pumpkin Rollers

This western by Elmer Kelton is one that anyone who has ever dreamed about driving cattle to a trailhead up in Kansas should sink their teeth into. The main character is a cotton farmer turned want-a-be cattleman. As his trail begins he is cheated out of the cattle that he paid hard earned money for. The blackard that cheated him out of his cattle continues to turn up with new experiences at every turn.

Trey McLean does a remarkable learning excursion as he loses his cattle and then is driven further west or spends time in jail. He does jobs to survive as he waits to hook up with a cattle drive that will head north to Kansas. He sees and meets the girl who he falls in love with. Waiting for the first drive to arrive in town he has another life changing event as he helps a wild tail rider to keep his life as he is set up to die by the hand of an ex-preacher turned bounty hunter slash killer. The gate was not blown by the wind and Trey was on the trail going north ahead of the heard and the town sheriff. The shooter, Jarrett Longacre, will continue to bounce in and out of his life causing him many hazardous events that with a might of bad luck he could have ended up dead or in prison.

More adventures and miss-adventures plague Trey McLean all the way north but he is growing into a cattleman that will be able to stand up and be counted on a man locked into the way his life needs to go. Things continue to head just a little off of center but everything continues to work out for the best.

I recommend this book to readers who want the reading pleasure associated with the truth of how it really was as many young people searched for their dreams and went west.

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