Book Review: Jericho’s Road

This western novel written by Elmer Kelton has the total package of a good western tale. The truth of stories shines through the words of good western authors. In this story we have a main character, ranger Any Pickard, who is not the fastest gun and not the bravest man but a man who wants to do the right thing for all parties.

When the Andy is thrown into the intensely charged conflict on the border between Texas and old Mexico it is not with someone he wants to go with but a man he has always had some kind of trouble with. Farley Brackett is a ranger with closed ideas and a temper with a streak of bully in him. The conflict on the border has been brewing for some time between Jericho Jackson and Guadalupe Chavez. Both men have equally large ranches on opposite sided of the border. Sandwiched in between these two warring factions is Big Jim McCawley’s ranch a man of character and strength. He married Guadalupe Chavez’s sister Juana. The marriage puts him in a position with both warring factions against him.

The boiling pot of hate and distrust that has been cooking since the Alamo boils over into a bloody fight involving all of the people along the border. Ideas are changed and death cools the heated actions and words. The humor of the characters helps lighten the reader’s view of all of the troubles that are happening. I recommend this story to all of you western readers who like fiction in amongst your historical events. I feel confident when you read this story you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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