Book Review: The Raiders: Sons of Texas


This is the middle volume of trilogy about two brothers that went to Texas and survived during a time of conflict and strife in the Texas owned and controlled by Mexico. The
Main characters are brothers. They are like two peas out of the same pod with very minor differences except for the major one being that Michael is a wander and always is drawn to the western horizon. Andrew is the farmer and wants to stay home and watch the crops grow and tend to the fields. This leads to conflict between them and raises more trouble because one is married and one is not.

When trouble arrives the brother’s act as a single unit. Trouble does arrive with the Blackwood’s from Tennessee and it is compounded on almost every turn. Things continue to happen and events escalate as Andrew leaves in a ploy to keep Michael at home and the sky falls in and Andrew almost loses his life.

This is an excellent book that I actually paid an over due fine on because I wanted to finish the story. This western is a must read. I will now read the other two books in the trilogy.

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    This sounds very good. I hope you have a chance to read the other two soon.

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