Book Review: The Finding of Jeremey


The book is a short western story written by Frederick Faust under the name of Max Brand. This story is about an eastern young man who is challenged by a woman to grow some backbone. She told him he could get this backbone by going west and being more like the men in the west instead of being browbeaten by the men that he knew and worked for.

This leads to an adventure, which suddenly goes wrong on his train ride to the west. He looses his money and is knocked off the train by an over zealous conductor. He survives the fall and is in a land that he does not know or want to know. He is witness to a double murder and things get really complicated for him from that point on. I will save all of the ins and outs for your reading.

I felt that it was an excellent story and was well worth the time to read and digest the meat of this good western story. I definitely recommend this story to those who enjoy a good western with some uniqueness in the story line.

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