Book Review: Werewolf


Yes this is a western story written by Max Brand from the trio collection book Men Beyond the Law. The main character of this story Christopher Royal is not beyond the law but the youngest brother of four. He is afraid that he is a coward because he does not want to fight or kill. All of his brothers have proven their bravery with different act that were publicly exhibited. Chris is pushed into killing the brother of a know murder of men Harry Main.

The story has Chris planning his run away from the potential of being gunned down. He leaves and only telling his mother who is also a brave woman. She knows that death would be better for Chris than the life of a fear consumed man. She sends the murder a note telling him where he will be waiting for him at a cabin in the woods.

The story continues and an old Indian is encountered and he tell him the story of his life. I will stop here with my evaluation of the story so that I don’t give away the ending. This is a western story that I would not have picked to read but it is unusual and has all of the qualities needed to be a western story. You maybe should read this story because it is short and evaluate it on your own.

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  1. melisaa
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    the book above sounds good
    can i review it
    or do u give reviewpaper back copys
    to pople
    i review for goodreads

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