Book Review: Rainbow Rider


This is a short story written by Wayne D. Overholser about a small town marshal who had tamed his town but wouldn’t leave because he had fallen in love with the banker’s daughter. He wanted to marry her and prove that he wasn’t a Rainbow Rider.  The pressure her aunt was placing on her and her father had drawn them both under the influence of her aunt.  This willfulness of her aunt made her completely beyond reason . He had spent all of his money on a diamond ring but she wouldn’t take it. The story begins with the last opportunity to say she would marry him.

At this point things began to really happen. A friend that the sheriff had put in jail came visiting and a con artist was discovered in their community. All of the events lead up to a conclusion that was predictable but not out of line.

I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to any western reader. It is short and quick to read with several good twists.

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