Book Review: The Leather Slappers

41giUyzoS9L._SL500_AA240_Book Review: The Leather Slapper  One story out of three.

This is a western short story in a trio of stories from the book Rainbow Rider by Wayne D. Overholster. This story is about a gunman who is working for a large land company working out of northern New Mexico and it moves to press claims for land into southern Colorado. The main character is Rick Marvin who is having some conflicts with his conscience about railroading honest hard working people off the land that they had before the Grant Company came along.

He meets a woman on the wrong side that is against the Grant Company and it is the final straw that drives him into a headlong fight against the Company. This pits him against the company and his old partner Pete Fargo who only goes where the money is and until now the winning side.

This is a good western story with not too many side turns and is a very easy read. I will recommend this story as a different pace for the western reader.

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